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New Engineer Records website

You are currently looking at the old US site for Engineer Records. We have a brand new site for the label, please come and check it out at

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New Noise premiere ‘Send for a hospital’

To celebrate the release of Tired Radio‘s awesome debut album ‘Patterns’ our chums at New Noise Magazine will be premiering their brand new video for ‘Send for a hospital’.

It is a brooding banger fuelled by lifelong struggles with depression and anxiety.

The premiere with New Noise in the US tomorrow will be on the homepage of from 9am MST California time.

And then an hour or two later, in the evening, on our own ER youtube channel at: from 7pm GMT UK where we’ll be having a watching party and bouncing off the walls.

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Death of Youth’s ‘Faded nostalgia’

Check out the new lyric video for ‘Faded Nostalgia’ by Death of Youth, taken from their new ‘Suburban Dystopia’ 10″ vinyl out on Engineer Records and Disillusioned Records.

Death of Youth is: Rob Horrocks (Vocals/Guitars) and Sahib Dhinsa (Bass) and the Video was created by Dann Peters.

All lyrics by Rob Horrocks Produced by Michael Kew Drums programmed by Michael Kew Thanks to Joe Arnold for coming up with the title ‘Cover Feature’ Recorded at Rogue Studios in February 2020 Band website:

First review of the new records by Thoughts Words Action here:

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Tired Radio’s debut ‘Patterns’ released today.

So today’s the day. The official release of Tired Radio‘s superb debut album ‘Patterns’. We’ve been sending these CDs out to radios and reviewers for week or two and getting great feedback. Now you can get your sticky mitts on eight of the catchiest tracks of post-punk glory that have been released for some time. These CDs will be just a fiver postpaid for the first official week of release so drop a line to Label at Engineer records dot com now and get yours on the way!
This album is a must have for fans of Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, Iron Chic, Spanish Love Songs, Menzingers, Hunter Gatherer, Rydell, Cornflames, PunchDrunk, etc.
Still need more convincing?! – Check out the videos for ‘Making Plans’ : and ‘Let me down’ :
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Bear Away launch the video for ‘East Coast’

OK, here we go. BEAR AWAY’s brand new video for ‘East Coast’ from their 7″ single is launching right now on EngRecs youtube. Check it out here and please share with your furry HC chums.

Let’s all have a stroll around Scarborough!

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Antillectual’s ‘Covers’ 7″ in Vinyl Keks

Vinyl Keks review Antillectual’s Covers EP…

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Jack and Sally are pop-punk essentials

Love and a Riot now #playlisted on New Pop Punk Essentials!

Add this playlist to your library now!

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Piledriver miss being on the road

Road Dog is the first single from the new Piledriver CD ‘Constant Battles’ out now on Engineer Records.

The track is all about the brotherhood within the hardcore scene.

Piledriver hope to be back out on tour very soon, but for now, here’s the Road Dog video:

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Underdog (Germany) write about Tired Radio ‘s new release ‘Patterns’

‘Tired Radio is the place where Anthony Truzzolino paints emotional moments, songs and dreams that outline hopes about his ambitions and travels. The debut album is not a singer / songwriter album, however, because it has a concentrated energy, the autonomy of punk rock and the rough, rugged vocal melancholy that blows in every line. In Patterns, the moments that shaped Anthony in life come alive and are always dreamy. Passages emphasized by guitars that accompany the sensitive and vulnerable side, choruses that lead the view beyond the horizon and accompany with a deep sigh. Patterns is grating heartfelt rock with the soundtrack for life, with all its ups and downs, served melancholy and heart-breaking’.
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The fun doesn’t stop!

The action-packed new BMX dvd from Entity Bmx ‘The fun doesn’t stop’ has been put together by the super talented Steev CVM and he’s chosen a superb soundtrack featuring some of your fave Engineer Records bands including; Sleave, Come The Spring, The Stayawakes, Jack and Sally, Low Standards High Fives, Iris & Miss Vincent. You can grab one, either from us, or direct from

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